mrsushi main street now open

Mr. Sushi Main St.

Thanks to the steady growth and success of Mr. Sushi Lynn Valley Rd. and Mr. Sushi Lonsdale Ave., Mr. Sushi opened its third location on the corner of 2nd Ave and Main St., which is one of Vancouver’s busiest junctions. Mr. Sushi Main St. started serving customers in December 2023. Mr. Sushi’s vision, values and mission remain unchanged.

Mr. Sushi Main St. is similar to Mr. Sushi Lonsdale Ave. in size, interior design/décor of the dining area, and menu items. However, Mr. Sushi Main St.’s kitchen is drastically different. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allow Mr. Sushi to handle large volumes of orders while maintaining high quality. Also, Mr. Sushi Main St. provides grab-&-go coolers and warmers at the entrance for customers in a rush to quickly grab some sushi and go.