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Mr. Sushi Lynn Valley Rd.

Founded in 1992 in the heart of Lynn Valley, a neighbourhood in the District of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Mr. Sushi started its humble beginning as a mom-and-pop Japanese restaurant that is less than 500 square feet. There was a change of ownership at least once sometime in the 90s and once again in the mid 2000’s. The last ownership change occurred in 2006 when Chris Park purchased the business from the previous owner.

In the early days, Chris operated the restaurant primarily with his wife and two sons whenever they could help out. Although the infrastructure and ambience of the establishment remain more-or-less unchanged, Chris and his family brought drastic transformation to its business model, menu items, food handling protocols, employee management, and customer service management.

Mr. Sushi Lynn Valley Rd. grew very quickly but Chris’ wife could no longer help out on a full-time basis due to some health issues. At that point, Chris’ family decided to bring Chris’ oldest son, William on board to the business full time, which was around 2008 – 2009. Chris’ youngest son, Edward continues to help on a part-time basis whenever he can.

Mr. Sushi Lynn Valley Rd. differentiates by providing exceptional customer service. Roughly 70%-80% of Mr. Sushi’s customers are regular customers, known for staff remembering customer names and orders. Prior to the pandemic in 2020, Mr. Sushi Lynn Valley Rd. offered both eat-in and take-out services, although the restaurant has a maximum of 16 seats. Currently, Mr. Sushi Lynn Valley Rd. only offers take-out services