Career Overview

Chefs direct food preparation and cooking activities, as well as prepare meals and specialty foods. They work in a wide range of establishments, where meals are served to groups, from restaurants to hotels to catered events. Some chefs work in private homes and others work for large food manufacturers, where they create branded food products sold at grocery and other retail outlets.

Chefs must be creative, organized and good with details. They may need to manage a budget, create menus, order and check the quality of the ingredients (especially fresh produce, meat, fish and seafood), and make sure all dishes leaving the kitchen meet quality standards.

It’s important to have good communication skills, manage and motivate kitchen staff, and be able to respond to last-minute changes or challenges. Chefs must be able to work under pressure, handle many different tasks at once, lead a team and create a positive work environment in the kitchen. Chefs must also have a high standard of personal hygiene and follow all food safety and sanitation standards.

Annual Salary (source: 2021 Job Bank Wage data)

  • $38,333

Provincial Hourly Rate

  • $15.20/hour – $30.00/hour


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